Lakeview Cabin Collection is an indie video game developed by Roope Tamminen. It is a sequel of the original Lakeview Cabin and was released on March 25, 2015 on Steam. 

Unlike the original, Lakeview Cabin Collection consists of planned episodes being released throughout the time of its lifespan. 

Lakeview Cabin III was included at launch 

Lakeview Cabin IV: Curse of the Lake was released July 15, 2015 as a free update to the game 

Synopsis Edit

From the official Steam store page: 

Relive the horror movies of the 70's and 80's by answering the question: What would you do if you found yourself in a slasher film? 

The Lakeview Cabin Collection is an exploration of the world of cult horror movies through sandbox gameplay.  You find yourself at the beautiful Lakeview Cabin with a handful of companions,  and enough toys and supplies to make your weekend a blast!  But when eldritch horrors crawl out from the lake, you'll need to blast, shoot, chop and burn your way to survive. 

Play as four companions as they use anything they can find to survive in a horror experience unlike any other.

Gameplay Edit

Like the original Lakeview Cabin game, players control a character in a 2D environment, interacting with objects and other characters as they please.

Lakeview Cabin collection features changeable characters, with 4 characters available for every map. Each character is able to walk, pick up objects, throw them, and do a variety of activities, such as drink booze, vomit, light campfires, and attack.

Lakeview Cabin Collection is a series of smaller games connected via a hub world, framed in-story through a theater showing all the episodes as different movies.

In each movie, the 4 protagonists arrive at a location, only to face monsters reminiscent of cult classic slasher films. The game is won by ultimately killing the monsters and surviving.

Players set traps for the monsters and outsmart them using any means necessary.

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