Merry Christmas! In addition to the episodes of Lakeview Cabin playing in the movie theater, a video rental shop has opened up. By looking into the static of the T.V screen, and by using secret codes, the Last Christmas mini episode can be accessed.

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Unlike the major episodes, you will only have control of one character, similar to the Flash game. Your goal is to rescue your Baby while two Reindeer, and a creature resembling a demonic Santa, attempt to kidnap your infant daughter. The environment is relatively small, consisting only of a house and a shed and a long driveway. It's much simpler than the major episodes, another similarity to the original browser game.

Walkthrough Edit

The two killers will typically show up after the grandfather clock chimes on the left side of the map, but currently they can sometimes appear at anytime in any place. Killing the baby will not make the killers come any faster. They will walk slowly until spotting the playable character or the baby then sprinting to either kill the player, or capture the baby.

There are three ways to kill the enemies, the first is by hitting a shotgun shell (found in the wooden box in the shed) with the hammer, causing it to discharge. The second is by filling a bowl (in the kitchen) with water, boiling it, and then throwing it. The last is by making the monsters step on the box of ornaments (in the kitchen) and then drilling them while they are stepping/confused. The player must escape with the baby, after putting the Snow Suit on the baby. The snowsuit can be found behind a tree between the house and the shed. The baby cannot wear the suit until it has been dried off by holding it over the oven. If the baby is not wearing her snowsuit, she will freeze to death.

It is possible to kill all the kidnappers in one playthrough if you set everything up and plan.

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